"Each day, I had a two-three hour lesson in the morning.  We would work on one or two new pieces each class in addition to a variety of the hand techniques.  I was so inspired watching his hands.  He would improvise using the songs he taught me, making up more and more complex variations, his hands moving faster and faster across the strings.  I wanted to say, “Teach me all that right now”, but I just had to breathe and think, “One step at a time Liza, one step at a time.” At the end of each lesson, Angel would accompany me in order that I felt the syncopation between the rhythms of the harp and the rhythms of the cuatro (Venezuelan small guitar).  This helped tremendously not only to cement what I had just learned in my lesson but also to understand the unique interplay of the rhythms in Venezuelan music"

Liza Wallace

My experiences in Venezuela last summer while learning the traditional harp

For over 12 years, Angel Tolosa has bringing Venezuelan culture through a great harp workshops brochure at an high educational level.
he is a teacher in the leading institutions dedicated to teaching the harp in the United States in the cities of San Francisco, New York, New Jersey and Miami. 
Angel is available for workshops and lecture performances on Venezuelan Folk-music for large and/or small audiences. As an educator, he has worked extensively with Universities and Colleges throughout the US, Latin america and Europe to share the culture and sounds of her native Venezuela and other Latin American countries. If you are interested in having  Angel Tolosa as a guest artist and/or lecturer please contact:

He may also be contacted for private or group lessons at: angelarpavenezolana@gmail.com