​"The musical quality left the public shocked, it has a clear freedom to merge the various musical genres"

​Siglo de Durango, Mexico

    He was born in Venezuela, a country where the harp is national cultural symbol. His venezuelan harp have universal flavor, is a encounter with  different styles of music from around the globe. Angel Tolosa is considered one of the best harp players of Venezuela and the most internationally. His musical performance have great complexity; where masterfully demonstrates its rhythmic ability and technical skill. He has realized many recordings with important artists on the world, his first album named "Katuketi" caused great impact, In 2012 recorded an important Album for Radio France and the Czech National Radio in Prague, his last recording was realized in Miami with his musical project named "A Contratiempo".


"Is an amazing virtuoso, it was by far the finest playing of his instruments I have ever heard"
​Susann McDonald
Distinguished Professor of Music Indiana University ​
Artistic Director Emeritis The World Harp Congress

"Simply amazing"

Juan Manuel Arpero Artistic Director "Romance Orchestra"

     Composer, arranger, producer and educador, as well as many achievements that include concerts, master classes, conferences high performance and a deep artistic vision,  that shown consistent across all musical projects. Add to this its ability to build common achievements with its customers to develop artistic projects.

"He's a fiery and explosive musician"

  Multicultural Music Fellowship Harp Fest

  He been participated in the most importants music festivals on the world in many cities of France, Canada, USA, Mexico, Costa Rica , Panama, Spain, Brussels, Trinidad and Tobago, El Salvador, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Czech Republic, Paraguay, England, Brazil and Venezuela. Part of his musical life is published in the Mexican Book "The new sounds of the latinamerican Harp".