"Simply amazing"

Juan Manuel Arpero Artistic Director "Romance Orchestra"

"Is an amazing virtuoso, it was by far the finest playing of his instruments I have ever heard"
​Susann McDonald
Distinguished Professor of Music Indiana University ​
Artistic Director Emeritis The World Harp Congress

​   Angel Tolosa has traveled and performed in more than 20 countries, including France, Canada, USA, Mexico, Costa Rica , Panama, Spain, Belgium, Trinidad and Tobago, El Salvador, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Czech Republic, Paraguay, England, Brazil, Italy and Venezuela. He has presented concerts, workshops, and video instruction at university conferences, art schools and centers, and with symphony orchestras​ 

​"The musical quality left the public shocked, it has a clear freedom to merge the various musical genres"

​Siglo de Durango, Mexico

"He's a fiery and explosive musician"

  Multicultural Music Fellowship Harp Fest

      Angel Tolosa is considered a great harp player, his musical study he has allowed to mix various world music genres with traditional music from Venezuela into compositions of great complexity; he masterfully demonstrates his rhythmic ability and technical skill in these compositions.
     He released his first album named "Katuketi" (native indigenous word that mean: Greetings to world), he recorded also an album for Radio France and  National Czech Radio. He is a founder member and organizer of the International Network Harp Fest.

     Angel Tolosa is a Musician, composer, arranger and performer. He holds a Bachelor of Venezuelan Harp, Bachelor of Education degree in music, with specialization in performance on the Venezuelan harp. The joropo tradition is  a great part of the national cultural heritage in Venezuela. Angel Tolosa's style has a universal flavor, blending with other music genres from around the world.

​      Angel Tolosa started lessons on the harp when he was 12 years old. From a very early age, he was interested in music. He learned to play piano, and also the Venezuelan Cuatro, a small 4-stringed guitar widely popular in Venezuela. The harp is his great passion.